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Columbia 300  Complete Chaos
Ball Specifications
Cover Stock TEC˘
Surface Finish 600 grit sheen
RG  2.539 (med)
Differential .069 (high)
D-Scale 75-78
Track Flare Potential 6-9"
Hook Potential 25 (C.A.T.S.)
Core Dynamic bullet core with dual
flip blocks
Wendy MacPherson wins with Complete Chaos! 
In her bid for Bowler of the Year and also Bowler of the Decade, Wendy MacPherson set her sights on nothing but a win at the recent Sam's Town Invitational in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Chaos and the Messenger Titanium played a big part in getting her to the TV Finals, but when money and titles were on the line, she decided the Complete Chaos had what it took to win. And so they did! Wendy MacPherson won the last PWBA Tournament of this century with the new Complete Chaos.

It's lean. It's mean. And it levels the playing field. Literally

description: A ball so aggressive, snaps harder on the backend and out hooks anything we make today. Tough from the inside out, this powerhouse offers maximum track flare and features a dual flip block bullet core encased in our oil biting TEC˘ coverstock.

The Complete Chaos˘ is Columbia 300's newest TEC˘ ball with microscopic balloons added in the Super-Flex˘ shell for additional traction. This ball hooks more than any Columbia ball on the market with a stronger backend reaction. The Complete Chaos has a strong dynamic bullet core creating maximum track flare. The high friction TEC shell along with the dynamic bullet core enable the Complete Chaos to grab the lane at the end of the oil (or in carrydown) and make a sharp turn at the break point.

color: Bluegrass

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