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Best Buy 
Adapt to any lane condition 
with ease
Used by Husted to 
win the U.S. Open; and David Ozio to 
win Saudi Arabia 

Track Magic Reaction 3 Pack (Formerly APP)
Clean 'N Dull for more hook on oily lanes, Clean 'N Polish for more length on med-dry lanes, and Reaction Plus for stronger backends. Save when you buy all three.  $25.00
Reaction Plus - Balls look brand new in 2 minutes
Stronger Backends
For Carrydown. Popular with the pros, this Resin Cleaner/ Reactivator increases tackiness for a hard-hitting backend reaction. Easily removes belt marks & grime without removing the shine. $8.95   Order Now
Clean 'N Polish - Glide through dry lanes with the #1 rated polish
Less Hook
For Med-Dry Lanes. This high gloss polish is designed to delay the hook and give the ball extra length on medium to dry lanes. Works great on all types of balls. $9.95   Order Now
Clean 'N Dull - Restore your ball to out-of-box tacky condition
More Hook
For Oily Lanes. A deep cleaner designed to deliver the maximum hook without adding a shine. Restores reactive balls to an out-of-box condition. Unique component draws oil from the pores of the ball. $9.95   Order Now


Track Magic (Mfgr. by: APP)


List Sale
PL-TRPK Track Magic Reaction 3 Pak Best Buy 8oz $29.85 $25.00
PL-TR Track Magic Reaction Plus 8oz 8oz $9.95   $8.95
PL-TR4 Track Magic Reaction Plus 8oz (4 Btls) 8oz $39.80 $31.95
PL-TD Track Magic Clean N Polish 8oz 8oz $9.95   $9.95
PL-TD4 Track Magic Clean N Polish 8oz (4 Btls) 8oz $39.80 $34.00
PL-TCD Track Magic Clean n Dull 8oz 8oz $9.95  $9.95
PL-TCD4 Track Magic Clean n Dull 8oz (4 Pak) 8oz $39.80 $34.00
PL-TP Track Magic ProTracktion 8oz 8oz $9.95  $9.95
PL-TP4 Track Magic ProTracktion 8oz (4 Btls) 8oz $39.80 $34.00
PL-TQTR4 Track Magic 4 Quart Cleaning Kit 32oz $9.95 $79.95
PL-TQTR5 Track Magic 5 Quart Cleaning Kit 32oz $39.80 $99.95
PL-TRQ Track Magic Reaction Plus Quart 32oz $9.95 $22.95
PL-TDQ Track Magic Clean N Polish Quart 32oz $39.80 $23.95
PL-TCDQ Track Magic Clean N Dull Quart 32oz $119.40 $25.95
PL-THQ Track Magic Clean N Sheen Quart 32oz $39.80 $22.95
PL-TPQ Track Magic ProTracktion Quart 32oz $119.40 $25.95
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Degree (by Columbia 300)


List Sale
PL-D320 Degree Ball Polish 320 Qt 32oz $29.85 $24.95
PL-D600 Degree Ball Polish 600 Qt 32oz $39.80 $24.95
PL-D1200 Degree Ball Polish 1200 Qt 32oz $9.95 $24.95
PL-D2000 Degree Ball Polish 2000 Qt 32oz $39.80 $24.95
PL-DDUL Degree Dull Ball Cleaner Qt 32oz $119.40 $21.95
PL-DSH Degree Shine Ball Polish Qt 32oz $39.80 $21.95
PL-DDUL Degree Ball Polish Kit (4 Qts 320-1200) 32oz $119.40 $79.95
Code Master Size List Sale
PL-311     Master High Performance Ball Cleaner 4oz $8.95 $6.95
PL-312 Master Abrasive Cleaning Polish 4oz $8.95 $6.95
PL-313 Master Clean n Shine Polish 4oz $8.95 $6.95
Code Ultimate Size List Sale
PL-UAA6 Ultimate Active Attack (6oz) 6oz $7.95 $6.95
PL-UAAQ Ultimate Active Attack (QT) 32oz ---- $19.95
PL-UQK Ultimate Quik Kut & Polish (jar) Jar $7.95 $6.95
PL-UUC8 Ultimate Ultra Clean (8oz) 8oz $6.95 $5.95
PL-UUP6 Ultimate Plus (6oz) 6oz $6.95 $5.95
PL-UUPQ Ultimate Plus (QT) 32oz ---- $19.95
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