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Thank You's

This Website would not be possible without the efforts of you—the bowling community. We appreciate your submissions, contributions, and sponsorships and would like to thank the following bowlers, manufacturers, and industry leaders for helping to promote the sport of bowling on this website.

Special Thanks

  • Pat Duggan - Thank you my new friend for the many hours of stimulating and educational discussions. We owe you and Anne-Marie dinner next time you're down.
  • Mark A. Byrne - Australia's Tenpin Site - Thank you for the fantastic review, and "Top Bowling Site" Award
  • International Bowling Industry - Thanks Scott Frager for the plug, and for all the kind words and inspiration you have given over the past few years.
  • Donnie Pyle - Advanced Bowlers Clinic - Thank you for helping us get the word out. Donnie calls our site... "The best bowling site in the world."
  • To all those who said bowlers won't use the internet - It is with great pride that we took the challenge and won. For if it weren't for those who doubted, this web site might not have become a reality.
Expose yourself internationally, with a "mini web page" on this site. Email us.
We thank these fine Manufacturers
  • Columbia300 - Thank you Steve Albritton for the review comps and for keeping us up to date with all the latest news.
  • Track - Thank you Steve Wunderlich for the scoop and the "early" on the ETS
  • AMF - Thank you Del Warren for having faith in the new kid on the block.
  • Storm - Thank you Chip Zielke for allowing us to review your fantastic book "Revolutions".
  • Creative Technology - Thanks Ken for sponsoring the Complete Bowling Index; sight unseen.
  • Hack's Sports Specialties - Thank you Chuck for the exclusive internet distributorship.
  • Chas. Robinson Enterprises - Thank's Robby for the bowling tips and letting us review your book.
  • Feel-it-Grips - Thank you Frank for all of your time, your insights, and your sponsorship.
  • Donkee Products - Thank you Keith for keeping us up-to-date with current product releases, and the tourney comp.
  • Master Industries - Thank you Steve for giving us the opportunity to work with you.
  • Lind Shoe Co. - Thank you Walt Maurey you for giving us some great insight and future topics.
  • Custom Thumb - Thanks Tom Laskow for the opportunity to review your innovative new product.
  • Advanced Polishing Products - Thank you Al for your sponsorship of our website.
  • Creative Communications - Thanks Joe Natoli for letting us see your Legends of Bowling Collectible phone cards - they are killer!
  • CDE Software - Thanks Patrick for allowing us to use photos from your "Incredible Bowling Art Gallery" CD-ROM
Contributors to the Site
  • Diane "The Bowling Fiend" Vacek - St Paul, Minnesota
  • Rob Taulton - Frederick, MD, USA.
  • Dan 'AIR' Warren - Brunel University
  • David Gibbons - Nieuwegein, Holland - Thank you David for informing us that there are more than 2 bowling centers in Holland
  • David Boyd - East Sparta, Ohio
  • Sandra L. Choate - Martin, TN
  • Kelly Van Hees - New England Area
  • Victor Negron - NationWide Bowling Home Page
  • JayWhy - Alberta's First Ten Pin Bowling Page
  • Sherry Work
  • Andy LeClair
  • G. BAKER
  • Martin Reichardt
  • Norma Broyles - Indianola, Iowa
  • Wade Poland - Anchorage, AK
  • Rich Dean - Anchorage Bowling Association - Alaska
  • Marie Lambe - Fresno, CA
  • George Fuller - Iowa
  • Jim Gill - Port Clinton, Ohio
  • Vern Petryshyn - Canada
  • Joseph Pirani - Associate Dir. Huntsville Bowling Assoc.
  • Rob Priester - Holland
  • Rich Knapp - Mgr., Wonderland Lanes - Commerce, Michigan
  • Chuck Stokes - Iowa
  • Mike Cassidy - Trenton, NJ - College of NJ Bowling Club
  • Larry Shay - Eureka, CA
  • Frank Barnhart President, Missouri State Bowling Council
  • Brian Bullard - Sacramento, CA
  • Gene - Bowling Dynamics, MN
  • Beth Hardy - Clovis, NM
  • Bill Newkirk - Melbourne, FL
  • Dan Keller
  • Marie Lambe - Fresno, CA
  • Cissie Bryant - Wichita WBA, Secretary
  • Walter H Palmer - Staten Island, New York
  • David l. Strom - IL
  • Curtis Dean - TX
  • Dick Brown - OH
  • Ward Novak - ABC Director, DE
  • Steven Harrison - KS
  • Russell Cogdon - England
  • Lex van Arkey - Netherlands
  • Edward De Graaf - Madison Heights, MI
  • Sarah Wammes - Ohio
  • Derrick Brown - Redding Area Bowling Assoc, PA
  • Glenn Watson - Lindenwold, New Jersey
  • Dave Miller - Australia
  • Mark Young - New Zealand
  • Paul Francis Seymour - Australia
  • Dave Waldman - Nevada
  • Eric Coultas - IL
  • Mike Sumerano - PA
  • Barry and Becky Tsugawa - CA
  • Ken Williams - Dir. Tri-City Bowling Assoc. in WA
  • William Kua - Singapore
  • Mickey Higgins - New Jersey
  • Herbert Griebel - Germany
  • Jon Jensen - Washington
  • Jim Beno & Andy "the 300 man" Coopmans - WI
  • Doug Campbell - MI
  • Cindy Sakuda - Hawaii
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