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Vantage Bowling Corp. - The VPS-2000 (TM) pinspotter capitalizes on the proven design of the 82-70 pinspotter by incorporating its major features with improvements in electronics and operation, designed specifically by Vantage for bowling in the next century. [See also: Ball return, lifts, hoods and racks, masking units, seats, beverage tables, and replacement parts for AMF and Brunswick equipment] Phone: (303) 232-7322

AMF - Manufacturer
Belden Inc. - Pinspotter parts
Brunswick - Manufacturer
Bud's Bowling Service - Part's & Service for AMF 82-30's 82-70's
Dacos Worldwide
D&P Leisure Investments - New, used & rebuilt parts
Mendes Worldwide -
Murrey International
Quality Bowling - Replacement parts for pinsetters
For pinsetter electronics, click here

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