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Robert (Bob) Strickland, a bowler since 1958, and PBA member since 1978. In addition to coaching, Bob is the author of Perceptive Bowling and Bowling Steps to Success. Join us weekly as Bob shares his favorite bowling tips to improve your game.
This week's tip: Drills for beneficial movements

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  2001 TV TOUR

All events televised on ESPN. Times listed EST

PBA National Championship
Toledo, OH
2/4/2001, 12:30PM

Parker Bohn III Empire State Open
Latham, NY
2/11/2001, 12:30PM

The Tarheel Open
Burlington, NC
2/18/2001, 12:30PM

The Villages PBA Open The Villages, FL
2/25/2001, 12:30PM

Battle at Little Creek
Virginia Beach, VA
3/4/2001, 2:00PM

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