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This week's tip:  
How do I Pick Up the 7-10 Split

We took some responses from the bowling newsgroup (alt.sport.bowling) See if any of these help you.

As one of the few in the world to have done this seemingly easy spare twice in over 20 years I gotta confess. It really is easy. You only have to do 3 things:

1. Throw the ball hard
2. Hit one of the pins
3. Get lucky as hell

Most failures are due to failing to do 1 or 2, but some are due to failing to execute #3 at the proper time.

Newsgroup author not cited

I have a friend who's out on tour who swears there's a way to do it. He says forward roll, and hitting the 10 pin on the left third of the pin will cause the pin to spit out of the back and roll on the lane. Lively side boards seem to help also.

Newsgroup author not cited

Nope, you throw at the pin that is opposite the side of the lane from the ball return because the pit his shallower there and gives it a better chance to come out of the pit.

Lively boards help but having the shallow part of the pit and the ball in the pit helps for the chances to get a 3 corner bank shot. Shoot the 7 on the left lane and the 10 on the right lane.

Newsgroup author not cited

If you are unlucky enough to leave a 7-10...and unless you MUST make the spare to win...shoot the pin that you KNOW you can make, and hope it bounces out.

If you MUST make the spare to win, you can try any of the above methods, and hope just as much. I have seen too many matches, singles, teams, whatever, lost by only a pin or two, and I'd hate to be the one who lost something because I shot the wrong pin on the wrong lane, trying to make the ' impossible'...

Newsgroup author not cited

Basically, don't bother. take it as a warning sign that either your release on that shot was deadsville, or you are playing the lanes pretty wrong.

Usually you leave a 7-10 only when you have a very weak hit, sometimes combined with very light. The best thing you can do for your score is to get one of the two, then adjust your line so that you don't leave it again.

Newsgroup author not cited

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