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Baker's Corner
A 20 year look at the bowling ball, and who used them
by: Mark Baker

1976-1983 -- Columbia Yellow Dot
Mark Roth, Marshall Holman, Bob Handley, Dave Husted, Dave Cook

1976-1980 -- Brunswick LT-48
Johnny Petraglia, Dave Soutar, Dick Ritger, Mike Durbin

1975-1990 -- Ebonite
Earl Anthony, Wayne Webb, Walter Ray Williams - Ball type irrelevant, possibly the 3 best staff members of one company ever. 9 Bowlers of the Years, 80+ titles, $5,000,000 in prizze money, 225 TV appearances!

1984-1989 -- FAB Hammers
Amleto Monacelli, Mike Aulby, Steve Cook, Marc McDowell, Don Genalo, Chris Warren, Steve Wunderlich, Steve Fehr

1985-1990 -- Columbia Black U Dot
Dave Husted, Marshall Holman, Dave Ferraro, Mark Baker, Tony Westlake, Ron Palombi, Mike Aulby, Tom Crites, Bob Handley, George Branham III, David Ozio

1985-1990 -- Brunswick Rhinos
Amleto Monacelli, Mark Roth, Randy Pedersen, Brian Voss, Mark Williams, Parker Bohn III

REACTIVE RESIN - Too many bowling balls to list. Below are the bowlers with the most success.

Walter Ray Williams Jr. - Was B of Y in 1986. Balls allowed him to win from 3rd arrow as good as Mark and Marshall in their prime!

Norm Duke - Journeyman player most of the 80's. Developed a trick shot going coast to coast while still being able to go dead straight. Adapted to reactives better than anyone.

Parker Bohn III - My surprise pick, but look at his yearly earnings. He quietly makes $100,000 or more every year. Will retire as the all-time leading money winner on the PBA tour.

John Handegard - Never a factor on the regular tour, now an all-time leader in wins on senior tour, and won a regular Tour stop as the oldest player ever at 58. Practice does make perfect!

Dave Traber - Reactive resin lottery winner -- you figure it out.


  1. Bryan Gobel
  2. Butch Soper - Nice guys do finish first
  3. Danny Wiseman
  4. Dave Husted - Thanks to the retirement of roomate? started competing in fewer events, but has won 7 times in 4 years. Almost unbeatable in title matches. Last 3 shot 270 or better
  5. Mike Aulby - Best winner I ever competed against

    These views are my own. I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers stated above. If I omitted a ball or player that you believe deserves mentioning, reply with facts, not theory

    Mark Baker

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