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Don't just play the game - "Master" it!

Top 5 Balls

Which balls are hot this month? We'll fill you in on the balls that bowlers are buying.
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Reactive, Urethane and Plastic. Match the ball to the conditions

Let's face it, reactive balls are hot. But don't discount the non-reactive urethanes, and polyesters. The key to winning is being able to match your equipment to the conditions.

Making sense of coverstocks and new particle technology

If new technology making your head spin, you're not alone. We've brought you the info to clear your head. click here

Bowling with only one ball in your arsenal is like golfing with only one club in your bag

You wouldn't tee off with a putter, or putt with a driver. So why would you try and bowl all conditions with one ball?
Lane conditions vary from center to center, lane to lane, and game to game. How many balls do you really need, and how many can you get away with?
 Previous Stories:
 1. A closer look at Ceramic Cores
  The newest crop of balls

2001 Bowling Ball Listing

AMF - Angle Evolution Extra
AMF - Fire Hawk
Brunswick - Shock Zone Pro
Brunswick - Monster Brimstone Red
Columbia - Classic Rock
Columbia - Pulse (Re-Release)
Dynothane - Elixir
Ebonite - Ebonite Optyx Formula I
Ebonite - Apex
Faball - Black Hammer 2001
Quantum - Denim Quantum
RotoGrip - Assault
Storm - Trauma
Storm - Too Hot
Track - EMB
Track - Track Heat2

Who used what ball

Mark Baker makes his prediction as to who will retire as the all-time leading money winner on the PBA tour. Plus he takes a 20 year look back at the bowling ball and who used what. click here

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