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Why use a ball with ceramics?

Improved hitting power
Placing ceramics in the core of the ball significantly improves the ball's hitting power by raising the coefficient of restitution (COR - the amount of energy transferred from the ball to the pins).

How does it work?
Ceramics hit harder because no energy is reabsorbed by the ceramic part of the core. Non-ceramic core balls absorb energy from the pin at contact.

More controllable and predictable flare
By placing ceramic cores in outer cores, the Rg can be significantly altered along one of the axis' without any substantial change to the other axis. This allows flare to be controlled more easily in addition to making it more predictable.

Fired ceramics repel energy
Fired ceramics are not drillable thus they cannot be altered during drilling. What you start with is what you end up with.

Millable ceramics absorb energy
Millable or alloy type ceramics consist of ceramic powder mixed with a binding agent and made at the ball manufacturing plant. This is then placed in the core and is much softer and less adhesive than fired ceramics. Millable or alloy ceramics absorb energy rather than repel it, thus they have a lower COR than fired ceramics.

Balls that use a ceramic core
Columbia 300
Crimson Red Pulse
Pulse Pearl
Reef Blue Super Beast
Shadow/C Reactive
Aftershock Pearl
Super Cuda/C
Super Cuda/C Pearl
Gold Pearl Quake
Synergy ETS
Synergy Solid
Synergy Pearl
Sensor II
Sensor II Plus

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