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Why use grips?

What are grips?
Fingertip grips are soft plastic "tubes" which are glued into the finger holes of those who use the fingertip release. Grips, which are softer than the material that makes up a bowling ball, "give" or offer more resistance at the point of release. It's this split-second resistance that gives the bowler the added lift that increases revolutions, for improved pin-action.

Grip Choices
Fingertip grips are constructed predominantly of vinyl or silicone, which are either molded or extruded into the various shapes and configurations. In addition to size and color, grips come in a variety of shapes, and hardness' which can yield dramatically different results. Popular shapes are oval style grips, pitched grips, and round grips. Hardness ratings vary from soft to firm.

Consistent feel
Consistency, consistency, consistency. If it seems as if everything related to performance revolves around consistency, we're not about to let you down here, because the release is no exception.

Since each ball is constructed of different materials, the texture, the tackiness, and the resistance varies from ball to ball. Finger grips and thumb inserts help provide the bowler with a consistent feel from ball to ball, thus promoting a more consistent release.


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