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Feature Story
Regular cleaning and conditioning is critical for ball performance

Cleaning Pop Quiz
How often should you clean your ball?

(A) I clean my ball after every outing
(B) Maybe once a month or so... when it looks really dirty
(C) Clean? No one told me I had to clean my ball!

If you chose (A), you're right on. If you chose (C), don't stop reading here. But what about an in between answer. What about (B)?, can you get away with cleaning just... well you know... whenever it's really dirty?

We'll answer this in two parts. First we'll give you a few reasons why cleaning your ball is important for optimum performance. Then we'll leave you with a visual image to help remind you to clean your ball before packing it up for the night.

Does a clean ball score more?
There's more to keeping your ball clean than just making it shiny. Every time you throw the ball it picks up oil and dirt which settles into the microscopic grooves and pores that make up the ball's surface. As these groves fill up, the ball looses traction on the lanes... and you were wondering why your ball wasn't hooking as well or hitting as hard. For maximum performance and ball reaction, it's imperative that you keep your ball clean, clean, clean.

Now the visual. Now bear with me, we're gonna get a little creative here. Take a second and picture yourself putting the ball back in your bag after bowling. No, no, no, don't visualize a picture of you bending over, that's what the other people see. I mean from your eyes... look at the ball going into the bag. You should see the ball, the bag, your hands, and maybe your knees. Now picture the number 300 on your ball. Got the picture? O.K. good. Now every time you're bending over putting your ball away you're going to remember the 300 on your ball. And say to yourself "If I just clean my ball, I'll have a better chance of that 300 game next time".

I bet you'll think twice next time before you put your ball away without cleaning it. Yea, yea, we're trying to guilt you into it, but the one that it's going to help is you. I promise.

Ball Cleaners

Advanced Polishing Products

Reaction Clean N' Dull - Formulated with a component that safely draws oil from the pores of the ball. Removes dirt, grime and belt marks with ease. Restores balls to an out-of-the-box tacky condition.

Reaction Plus - Rated #1 for increasing backends, this resin cleaner/reactivator increases tackiness for a strong backend reaction. Plus, it adds a slight shine for better transition through the heads.

Heavy Duty Cleaner - Primarily for use in the proshop, this abrasive cleaner is ideal for removing heavy sanding marks and scratches on all types of balls. Designed for use with a spinner, it will take a ball from 320 grit to 1000 grit shine in less than 2 minutes.

Master Industries

Urethane Ball Cleaner - The ultimate treatment for all urethane, including reactive bowling balls. This non-abrasive cleaner is formulated to remove lane oil, wax, dirt, etc. from the surface of any urethane ball.

Spray Master - Formulated to clean away floor oil, waxes, dust, dirt, grease etc. from all bowling balls. Shines as it cleans. Also recommended for bowling bags, bowling shoes, billiard balls, pool cues, etc.

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