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Feature Stories

Regular ball conditioning is critical for performance

With little separating today's balls, more importance has been put on properly cleaning and conditioning your balls to achieve peak performance

Cleaning your ball for peak performance

How often, and with what should your ball be cleaned?

How do you suck the last drop of oil from reactive resin balls? Rejuvinate it

After a year of controversy, the Rejuvinator has proven its safety in removing oil from reactive resin balls


ABC/WIBC Acceptable ball cleaners and polishes - 9/12/96

Advanced Polishing Products
Master Industries, Inc.
Makers of: High Performance Ball Cleaner - Maximum strength formula for today's modern equipment. Clean & Shine - Revolutionary conditioners for a fresh ball track. Abrasive Cleaning Polish - Maximum power, performance & increased backend response.
Columbia 300, Inc. - San Antonio, TX
Brunswick Corporation -
Storm Products, Inc.
Gnu-Ball -
AMF Bowling, Inc.
Ebonite International, Inc.
Bowler's Edge
Earth Clean Systems
Ultimate Bowling Products
Alley Catz Bowling Accessories
Tenth Frame Products
Professional Magic Wipes
Wax Shop
Perfection Products
Taxi Bowling Products

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