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New Material adds comfort and durability

Master Industries, the undisputed leader in the wrist support arena, and the most visible logo on the PBA wrists; recently released two supports that are constructed of the lightweight, Denier fabric.

Wrist Master II Excel
Based on the same genuine design of the world renowned Wrist Master II, the Excel maintains the look and feel of the original Wrist Master with the added durability and comfort of the new Denier Polyester fabric.

The Excel also features lightweight metal inserts in the palm and the back of the wrist. These removable inserts allow the bowler to mold the support to the exact contour of the hand for a custom fit. (Available in Small, Med, Large and X-Large)

Wrist Master II Excel Bonus
The second in the Master line that has adapted the new, long-lasting Denier fabric is the Excel Bonus, which is based on the same design as the Wristmaster II Bonus.

The extended length of the new Excel Bonus provides additional support through the forearm, and over the fingers for those who want added lift and rotation on the ball. (Available in Small, Med, Large and X-Large)


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