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Wrist Supports

Feature Stories

How much can a wrist support help your game?

Many of your fellow league bowlers wear them, and you see the Pros wearing them. Do they know something you don't? And how do you choose between the dozens of styles?

New Material adds comfort & durability

New Denier Polyester fabric adds durability and comfort to wrist supports. click here

Get an edge in bowling, golf, softball or any sport that requires a strong grip and control

By channeling the power of this 9000 RPM gyroscope; you'll gain a competitive edge by strengthening your grip, wrists, forearms, biceps and triceps without even realizing that you're excercising. click here


Master Industries, Inc. - Leading the pack with over 20 models, Master Industries is a name that's synonymous with wrist support.

Moro Design - Makers of the Pro Release -- the adjustable release positioner. Twenty-Five setting combinations adapt your game to any lane condition that you'll ever face.
Wilson - Based on the original Wrist Master, this offering is now available at clearance price
AMF Bowling, Inc.
Columbia 300, Inc. - San Antonio, TX
Ebonite International, Inc.
Sports Technologies, Inc.
Cobra Products of America
Forrest Enterprises, Inc.
Robby Products, Inc.
Kranker King, Inc.

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Discount Bowling Supply

Discount Bowling Supply


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