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Can a wrist support help your game?
Traditional Wrist Support Extended Wrist Support Wrist Glove Adjustable

In today's high-scoring environment, the quest is for revolutions. More revolutions means more pin-action and more pin-action means higher scores. The problem is that most people, other than those who bowl everyday for a living, lack the physical strength in their wrist and fingers to impart enough lift for adequate rotation of the ball. Have you ever seen your favorite bowler roll a game after forgetting his or her support? We have, and it's not a pretty sight.

So what makes wrist supports such an important part of the bowler's arsenal? It's simple. Wrist devices are designed to keep the wrist immobile throughout the delivery, and to help provide additional lift and ball rotation during the release. In other words, they give bowlers; hook, revolutions, pin-action and scores they wouldn't have otherwise had without them.

bowler quote:
"I see people every week in league that would improve 20-30 pins right away if they just used a wrist support -- but why say anything? I'd rather win and take the glory myself."

Wrist devices come in a variety of styles. From the traditional supports that keep the wrist in an "in-line" position, to the extended supports that keep either the finger -- or fingers from bending backwards at the release. Still other "high-tech" devices provide all of the above, and are further adjustable from front to back, and side to side.

Traditional Wrist Support
These devices maintain the wrist in the proper in-line position and provide a firm support for a more consistent, controlled roll. Traditional construction is of either vinyl or leather; with most having imbedded metal inserts for addded strength.

A new material on the scene, is a Denier polyester fabric found in the Excel line from Master Industries. The Excel maintains the classic look and feel of the original Wrist Master II with the added durability and comfort of the new fabric. The Excel also features removable wrist and palm inserts for a custom fit.

bowler quote:
"'s pretty funny, I joined a new league this season and people think I'm some great bowler. The only difference in my game is that I started wearing a wrist support. I wonder what they'd say if I told them I bowled just like them a few months ago..."

Extended Wrist Support
Extended supports combine a traditional wrist support, with extended length over the forearm and/or the fingers. Additional finger support in these designs reduce the backward bending during release and provide added lift and rotation on the ball.

Bowling Glove
The bowling glove provides support in the wrist and specialized surfaces on the fingers and palms that provide additional gripping power on the ball.

"High-tech" & Adjustable Supports
The most revolutionary advancements in the wrist support category come from the "high-tech" supports. Often crafted from steel, these positioners can make micro-adjustments to change the release position for different combinations of roll, spin and lift.

The Pro Release line from Moro Design takes the adjustable concept one step further. With both the traditional up/down positioning plus side-to-side control, there are twenty-five setting combinations that can adapt your game to any lane condition you'll ever face. The models vary from regular length, to extended length with added finger support.

Ladies Wrist Support
Realizing the physical differences between women and men, Master Industries offers a support that is specifically designed and fitted for women. With the same patented features of the Wrist Master II, the Ladies Wrist Master is lightweight, and maintains the wrist in an "in-line" position. The form-fitting, contour design shapes accurately to the wrist, palm and forearm, and is available in X-Small, Small and Medium sizes.

No matter what the style, the goal is the same; maintain a consistent release, help prevent wrist fatigue, and compensate where physical strength is lacking.


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