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Brunswick Sanispray Shoe Deodorizer (15oz) each
    Brunswick Sanispray Shoe Deodorizer (15oz) each
    Purchase Brunswick Sanispray Shoe Deodorizer (15oz) each
    • SKU: MI-BSSS
      Brunswick Sanispray Shoe Deodorizer (15oz) each

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    Specifically formulated to clean bowling rental shoes.
    Clean, fresh scent to please customers
    One 15 oz. can cleans approximately 300 pairs of shoes

    ***The Cans either say Cleaner or Deodorizer.---Same product

    Message from Brunswick regarding deodorizer vs disinfectant: Why has Sanispray arrived and the label reads Shoe Deodorizer or Cleaner? Historically, the EPA allowed for registrations of disinfectants/sanitizers to be held all the way through the supply chain - meaning if one company manufactures a product, anyone who sells the same formulated product, even under a different name or branding, can use the same EPA registration number because the formulas are the exact same. EPA testing is expensive, as it tests for the effectiveness of the "kill claims" made on disinfectants/sanitizers in killing microbes. (In my opinion, this is how it should be - as it tests the actual formula & it's performance, not the name on the label). However, a couple of years ago the EPA changed the regulation requirements, and now the registrations are based on who's name is on the product, not simply the formula. While the product must still pass and meet the "kill claims" for killing microbes, each seller of the same product must submit the product for testing and pay the necessary testing and registration fees if the brand name has changed. Since Brunswick is not a major player in the disinfectant/sanitizer industry, it did not make sense to pay for the expensive testing necessary for EPA registration in the disinfectant/sanitizer classification for a Brunswick branded product. It would take a decade to earn that money back in sales revenue, so it would simply be a poor business decision. However, "deodorizers" require no EPA registration as a product category, and are not covered in EPA jurisdiction. So we reclassified the product as Brunswick Shoe Spray Deodorizer to still provide a quality product to customers for the intended application, but we simply cannot market it as a disinfectant/sanitizer. The reason I tell you all of this is because while we cannot market the product as a sanitizer/disinfectant, the same exact product that was once covered under the same EPA registration/testing process from an upstream supplier is still in the can. I'm hoping you see where I'm going with this.... If we had foreseen COVID-19 coming (which is impossible) we may have gone a different route, but this was the best solution at the time. "

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