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DFX Powerball Gyro Exerciser (Clearance)
    DFX Powerball Gyro Exerciser (Clearance)
    Purchase DFX Powerball Gyro Exerciser (Clearance)
    • SKU: WR-DPP
      DFX Powerball Gyro Exerciser (Clearance)

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    DFX Powerball Gyro Exerciser #12000

    Detailed Description
    The Powerball makes the cover of Time magazine as one of their top 10 digital devices of the year.

    • 14,500 RPM
    • Up to 40 lbs of Torque
    • Compatible with Speed Meter
    • LEDs light up (Color May Vary---Blue or Amber)
    • No Starter Cord Needed
    • Training CD Included

    Not only do you get an amazing workout with the DFX PowerBall Gyro, you get your own light show too! Featured on the cover of Time Magazine as one of its top 10 digital devices, The DFX PowerBall Gyro incorporates LED lights that flash faster and faster as your gyro gains speed. Not only will you feel yourself getting stronger using your ex DFX PowerBall, you can tell how fast you're going by the stunning light show being created!
    The ultimate in engineering design, featuring the same user-friendly features as the DFX Sports & Fitness Pro Plus but incorporating an on board generator and balanced rotor. The Powerball generates 40lbs of torque with speeds up to 14,500 RPM. By activating the gyro, a dynamism (motion) is created, which will activate LED lights in Amber which are located in the interior of the gyro.
    The faster the unit runs, the brighter the lights will be until the whole hand is engulfed in a bright glow. Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes the ultimate hand, wrist and arm exerciser. Note: Speed and torque are estimates.