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Ebonite MAG Force 9000
    Ebonite MAG Force 9000
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    • SKU: WR-EMF9000
      Ebonite MAG Force 9000

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    MAG FORCE 9000

    Discover the power of magnet therapy. Magnets have been known to improve circulation, accelerate the healing process, increase the range of motion, enhance pain relief and provide quick recovery from training. Ebonite's Mag Force product line combines the

    The only glove that has it all - metal support, feel, comfort and now, pain-relieving magnets. Puts you in the position you want to be in. In the lead.

    9000-Gauss Rare Earth neodynium magnets sewn into wrist band increase strength and provide relief for the tendons in the wrist area
    Magnets relieve pain, swelling and inflammation, including arthritis
    Special gripping compound provides tacky contact with ball for added grip
    Padded steel backhand support system for consistent wrist position during release
    2" hook and loop wrist band for increased support of the tendons in the wrist area
    Leather palm and fingers