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Vise Ball Cleaner Wipes
    Vise Ball Cleaner Wipes
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    • SKU: PL-VBW20
      Vise Ball Cleaner Wipes

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    Vise Ball Cleaner Wipes

    20 (5" x 8") towelettes saturated in Vise Ball Cleaner
    The newest product in our vast catalog is Vise Ball Cleaner Wipes. They are made of special fiber materials and thoroughly saturated in our ball cleaner. This is not a "close-match" version of our cleaner but the very same material we offer as our liquid cleaner. Vise Ball Cleaner is extremely effective, yet very safe for you and our environment because it is not built upon strong chemical solvents.
    Our wipes are in an air-tight package that is further placed in an air-tight canister. The lids of the canisters are made to create a "living" hinge that is easy to close but still creates a very a tight seal. Inside each canister are 20 towelettes, each measuring 5" x 8" and properly saturated with Vise Ball Cleaner.
    Simply pull a towelette out of the canister and deep clean any ball you can reach. When you're finished just toss the dirty towelette in the waste can. There is no need for cotton or micro-fiber towels which means -- (drum roll) -- no laundry.
    We will put the effectiveness of our cleaner wipes against any other!
    We will put the packaging of our wipes against any other!