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Dexter Replacement Heels (Each)
    Dexter Replacement Heels (Each)
    Purchase Dexter Replacement Heels (Each)
      Dexter Replacement Heels (Each)

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    Dexter Replacement Shoe Heels

    Dexter's The 9, SST 8, SST 7, SST 6, and SST 5 gives the bowler the most flexibility in choosing the right slide pad and heel for his or her style as well as lane conditions. A bowler can change both the slide pad and the heel, offering 16 possible combinations, allowing the bowler to fulfill their needs depending upon approach conditions and their slide style.

    The pieces are sold in one size and may be trimmed to fit the appropriate shoe size. A hook and loop attachment keeps the slide pad and heel system in place whether you're right-handed or left.

    The H2 Ultra Brakz come in sizes ONLY
    SMALL: Fits Women’s shoe sizes 5 -12 (trim to fit).
    LARGE: Fits men’s shoe sizes 9.5 -15 (trim to fit).
    The H5 Smooth and H7 Come in LARGE only and have to be cut to fit.