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Genesis Evolution Intense (32 oz)
    Genesis Evolution Intense (32 oz)
    Purchase Genesis Evolution Intense (32 oz)
    • SKU: PL-GEI32
      Genesis Evolution Intense (32 oz)

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    Genesis Evolution Intense (32 oz bottle)

    Tack Restoring Bowling Ball Cleaner
    This is no one trick pony. It's an intense one-two punch that will clean your ball and give it a performance "kick" you never knew it had. The advanced water based, tack restoring formula of Evolution Intense™ will easily break down dirt and oils, lifting them away with a slight foaming action. While this is going on, our special tack agents begin to work their magic on the coverstock's surface. Giving you a clean, fresh and tacky surface that's ready to grip the lane. One use, and you'll be hooked on your balls more intense reaction.
    Restores the “tacky” feel on high friction surfaces
    Intensifies ball reaction
    Removes surface oil, dirt and scuff marks
    Slight foaming action helps penetrate the surface
    Safe for use on all ball types
    Helps rejuvenate worn out coverstocks
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