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Hammer Black Pearl Urethane
    Hammer Black Pearl Urethane
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      Hammer Black Pearl Urethane

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    Hammer BLACK PEARL URETHANE Bowling Ball

    Hammer has been the undisputed urethane champion in bowling since the Purple Pearl Urethane’s introduction, and we are excited to carry that title through the new phase of harder urethane bowling balls. Since the PBA announced its rule change, only allowing urethane balls to be 78D or harder, our chemists and lab rats have been working hard producing the now famed NU Blue Hammer and the new 78 hardness Black Pearl Urethane. The Black Pearl Urethane is reminiscent of the Purple Pearl Urethane, but the hardness makes it a little cleaner and hooks slightly less overall than the Purple Pearl. Our pros who have tested the Black Pearl Urethane see this ball four boards less with their feet and two boards with their eyes and were able to use straighter angles through the front part of the lane.

    Our pros have used the Black Pearl Urethane at events already and have been very successful with it. While few believed we could deliver performance similar to the Purple Pearl Urethane with a harder cover, our pros have proven that we knocked it out of the park with this new 78D urethane ball.


    PART NUMBER 60-108127-93X
    COLOR Black Pearl
    COVERSTOCK Urethane Pearl 78D
    COVER TYPE Pearl Urethane
    FINISH 500 Siaair Micro Pad
    WEIGHTS 16-12 Pounds
    LANE CONDITION Light oil
    REACTION Smooth arc
    RELEASE DATE March 21, 2024
    RG / DIFF

    16 lb - RG (2.610) DIFF (0.030)
    15 lb - RG (2.650) DIFF (0.015) 
    14 lb - RG (2.680) DIFF (0.013)
    13 lb - RG (2.631) DIFF (0.020)
    12 lb - RG (2.628) DIFF (0.026)