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KGT Reusable Dam Kit (14 pieces)
    KGT Reusable Dam Kit (14 pieces)
    Purchase KGT Reusable Dam Kit (14 pieces)
      KGT Reusable Dam Kit (14 pieces)

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    KGT Reusable Green Dam Kit (14 Pieces)

    Simply the best darn dam for ball plugging!

    Our KGT Reusable Plugging Dams work with either Urethane or Resin ball plugging materials. But when coupled with either Vise CS Hybrid or Vise Rapid Cure Ball Plug, the Green Dams are amazing!

    You can't make a better ball plug than CS Hybrid but when you pair it with Innovative's Reusable Plugging Dams, you can make it part of a better process.

    Our reusable plugging dams are very easy to use and last for years when properly maintained. Develop a routine of "seasoning" them by rubbing on some petroleum jelly, then take a cloth and try to "rubbing" off all of the petroleum jelly. Simply a "film" of petroleum jelly is all that needs to present to protect the green dams and to create a condition for easy removal of the green dam for the plug job. 

    10 to 15 minutes after pouring CS Hybrid, remove the dam and take it to the next hole to be plugged. Resin based ball plugs need to fully cure before removing the Reusable Green Dam. There's no adhesive left behind: nothing to rub and scrub from the ball. Just cut the plug and finish it. 

    Innovative's Reusable Dams come in a kit of 14 pieces. There's 2 each in small round, 2 each in small oval, 3 each in large round, 3 each in large oval, 2 each in extra large round and 2 each in extra large oval. One kit should be able to handle even the busiest of shops.