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Turbo - Quad2 (Assorted Colors and Sizes)
    Turbo - Quad2 (Assorted Colors and Sizes)
    Purchase Turbo - Quad2 (Assorted Colors and Sizes)
    • SKU: FG-TQuad2
      Turbo - Quad2 (Assorted Colors and Sizes)

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    Turbo Quad2 Finger Grips (each)

    Side 1, Nubs and Perfect Oval
    Side 2, Semi and Round

    Get more options with this multi-functional 4-N-1 insert. The Quad2 combines a Semi fingertip, Nub, Perfect Oval and Round style into just one product. Durometer Hardness 40 Shore A

    Designed to help pro shops reduce shelf inventory and improve order convenience by combining multiple styles into one product.

    Side 1: The Power Nubs finger pad is lined with rows of small, raised bumps, it has a very sharp feel and is recommend for a strong grip.

    Side 2: The Semi-Bump has a smooth, rounded bump close to the front edge of the insert. When properly fit, the bump rests between the first knuckle of the finger. It is designed for a more relaxed grip and ideal for bowlers who suffer from arthritis or have weak grip pressure.

    All Turbo Quad Inserts feature a patented Glue Groove to minimize excessive adhesive from seeping to the surface.

    This style is available in 19 sizes including 1/64" or half size & 4 colors. 

      - Sizes 19/32 through 13/16 have O.D. of 31/32" 

      - Sizes 53/61 through 29/32 have O.D. of 1-1/32"