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Genesis Excel Copper Tape ROLLS (each)
    Genesis Excel Copper Tape ROLLS (each)
    Purchase Genesis Excel Copper Tape ROLLS (each)
      Genesis Excel Copper Tape ROLLS (each)

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    Genesis Excel Copper Performance Tape Roll (each) Assorted Colors

    The Genesis Excel Copper infused performance tape provides therapeutic benefits to keep your game at it's max! The cotton single stretch tape offers premium protection on your thumb or fingers to control the speed of release while helping to prevent hand fatigue and soreness. Available in a variety of release options!

    16.4' Un-cut Roll
    Cotton single stretch, high friction material
    Anti-bacterial + anti-fungal
    Can be layered for a custom fit
    Relieves hand soreness + fatigue
    Protects skin from calluses, cuts, + abrasions
    Blue Excel Copper 2 - Medium/Fast Release
    Purple Excel Copper 3 - Medium Release
    Orange Excel Copper 4 - Medium/Slow Release

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